Freelance writer

J O A N N E ॐ P O H

I say the words that you can't say.



If you're a business owner who can't quite find the right words to do your enterprise justice, I can help.

I've given voices to a mind-bogging variety of businesses, from big, glitzy hotel chains and staid law firms to olive oil manufacturers and makers of artisanal musical instruments.

Whether you need copywriting for your website, brochures and other marketing materials, in-house publications or training materials, I can help you to say what needs to be said in an effective manner that helps to capture the true spirit of your business.

SEO content writing

I write high quality guest posts and articles for SEO purposes. My work has been published on a wide variety of high profile websites, and I guarantee you won't have to worry about sloppily written, low quality content, no matter how stringent the requirements of your publisher.

I have first-hand knowledge of and love writing about law, real estate, travel, nightlife, the arts, education, insurance, banking, fashion, beauty, tech and social media. I also have experience writing for non-profit organisations and contributing articles about topics related to business and corporate life. However, I like a challenge and am competent at research, so I'm willing to take on just about any topic.

Social Media Management

Most businesses don't realise just how powerful FaceBook is as a promotional tool. Effectively realising the full potential of FaceBook isn't simply a matter of banging out a few posts each week and hoping for the best.

If you'd like to see FaceBook make a serious difference to your business, I can assist in the setting up, optimisation and management of your content. Whether you'd like to increase the number of fans on your page or increase customer engagement with your brand, we can formulate a killer strategy together.


Search engines don't look kindly upon duplicate material, and simply cutting and pasting large sections from one web page to another can have a disastrous effect on your search rankings.

I offer skilful paraphrasing of material that is not only accurate but also retains the spirit of the original.


I offer translation of material from Chinese to English, and can also link you up with trusted associates who offer translation from English to Chinese, English to Japanese, Japanese to English, English to Italian and Italian to English.